Welcome to the Official Website of ATOM - The WORLD's First and Only team of Mentalists (Psychological Illusionists).

Our goal is to constantly provide World-Class contemporary Magic services blended with Psychology. Such Magic is also known as Mentalism or Psychological Illusion. Practitioners of the art are known as Mentalists, hence, our brand ATOM.

Known for its high audience interaction and entertainment value; Craig Browning (semi-retired Mentalist in USA) mentions, "...Mentalism is so powerful; we (Mentalists) can create what the laity perceives as being the miraculous... magic within the minds". Armed with the best talents around, ATOM has captivated the local biggest names ranging from Politicians, Celebrities and highly reputable Fortune 500 Corporate Clients...

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ATOM's Services

ATOM has taken pride in our strong service mindset and culture, we have collectively received numerous significant awards and recognition over the past years.

Whether if it’s an premium performance, ATOM’s Signature Coaching Sessions (Workshops, Talks or Courses) or Creative Consultation, you can expect the BEST experience for yourself and your guest. ATOM can creativity pitch your product at your next corporate event, be a guest speaker at your convention or blow the minds of clients at your next VIP function.

To many, ATOM is the TRUSTED BRAND in Magic-Related Service. ATOM combines traditional magic, psychological techniques, impromptu comedy and most importantly experience to ensure everyone has fun and remember your event for years to come.

Roving Performance
Area Performance
Stage Performance
Magic Workshops


Feel the magic just INCHES away from you.


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Experience a GRAND stage magic performance scaled down for a smaller setting.


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Mass entertainment for hundreds of guest/VIPs; events includes awards ceremony, D&D, product launch, etc


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Customize your event according to your theme. The sky is the limit.


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ATOM's WTC (Workshops, Talks & Courses) is one of its kind. It is Intriguing, Fun and Thought Provoking.


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ATOM Performing Artistes

Star Artiste

Alvin Terence


  • “How did you do that!” was what Singapore Celebrity JAMIE TEO said to Alvin Terence during the filming of an online TV series.

    Alvin Terence is acknowledged by The New Paper as an "industry veteran" with a performance described as "out-of-body magic" by Sinema TV.

    Alvin Terence's unique approach to magic by combining hypnosis, psychology and sleight of hand, will definitely blow your minds!

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Premium Artiste

Ultima Wong

Street Mind Magician

  • Ultima Wong's philosophy on “The Art of Magic” is also evident in his performing style – leading people to address him as an “Illusionist.”

    From cards that magically morph, mysterious revelations on his body, floating objects and stopping his heart…. Ultima's performance always leaves strong and lasting impressions on his audience members.

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Premium Artiste

Nexus Neo

Hot Mentalist

  • A Practitioner of the Art and professional in the education service, Nexus Neo works his charm on children and teenagers by delivering smashing magical routines to spice up lessons.

    "Hey! How did that happen!??" is a common statement of awe in his classroom. With a natural aptitude to amuse, entertain and connect with people of all ages, Nexus Neo has earned his reputation as an educator with the ability to inspire.

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Premium Artiste

Ninja Peh

Card Shark

  • A natural and charming performer known for his close-up magic (think David Blaine's magic), and with tons of experience performing for major clients.

    There's no reason why "Ninja" is banned in Casinos. The advantage of fast fingers to swift through the cards and magical sleights that even the close-up cameras can't detect.

    "Ninja" is well known for his creativity, humour, close-up magic and for his skill in cards and magical sleights. So hand him a deck and get ready to be entertain!

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ATOM Artiste


The Chameleon

  • Magic is a mysterious art. Similarly to the art, this Underground Mentalist remains under the radar among magicians.

    With an opposite personality, this Underground Mentalist is warm, jovial, humourous and interacts extremely well among kids and dialect speaking audience.

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ATOM Partner

Female Magician

Magic Charm

  • The newest latest collaboration with ATOM. Presenting Singapore's Female Magician, Magic Charm.

    Magic Charm's Magic Performance is available for all events held anywhere in the world. With years of experience at several events, TVC and many more; Magic Charm is guaranteed to mesmerize and charm your guests at your events.

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